Customer pricing

SpartacusFilter for Outlook Express, Outlook and Lotus Notes

client license(s) price per license*
1..9 EUR 17.00
10..24 EUR 15.50
25..49 EUR 14.60
50..74 EUR 13.80
75..99 EUR 12.80
more than 100 please ask for

SpartacusFilter for Exchange Server and Domino Server

client access licenses price per license*
25..49** EUR 14.60
50..74 EUR 13.80
75..99 EUR 12.80
more than 100 please ask for

*Single payment, no annual fee!

**The server version starts at EUR 365.00 including 25 client access licenses.

Prices don't include tax, vat or shipping and are subject to change without notice.
All prices including one year support. Further support is available at 25% of the license cost.

Date: 2012-01-01

Pricing for schools, public institutes and NPOs

For non commercial organizations we give a 10% discount on customer prices.

Pricing for reseller and enterprise conditions

For reseller conditions we need to know if you are able to support your customer (first level support). Enterprise conditions are also available. Please write to:

How to order SpartacusFilter

You can order SpartacusFilter by email. Please give us the following details:

  1. SpartacusFilter client-/ server version you need
  2. Number of licenses (for server version it is equal to the number mail databases/accounts)
  3. For support purposes the version of mail client and mail server you are running
  4. The license string you wish, such as "Licensed for XYZ Ltd.". You will get (via email) the license string and - if ordering a server version - the license key to unlock your evaluation copy after payment.

Please send your order containing a valid email address of a technician responsible for updates, your postal address and VAT-ID (EU members only) to: